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Basis for the ideal restoration

by: Michael Stuart

Ease-of-use meets restorative flexibility in the new NobelProcera Hybrid.

The new Hybrid from NobelProcera offers remarkable restorative flexibility than can reduce the likelihood that chairside repairs will be required. The design can incorporate retention elements (right). fingers (back) or a combination of the two (left) to provide excellent support for the acrylic.

The new NobelProcera Hybrid edentulous restoration saves time and money by relying on a full CAD workflow with its inherent design flexibility. The Hybrid provides a safe, affordable, easy-to-explain treatment choice, and it is perfectly suited for the All-on-4® treatment concept, which enables the restoration of a fully edentulous jaw on just four implants.

Sooner or later, denture wearers return to their dentist. Perhaps they need to have their denture repaired. Or maybe they would like a solution that feels more like their natural teeth—even if cost is a concern.

Whatever the reason, there is a huge opportunity for both labs and restorative dentists to expedite this natural flow of returning patients.  This is precisely where the new Hybrid fixed implant restoration from NobelProcera can help.

The key to great results

Dental laboratories today are looking for new ways to stand out. In an increasingly competitive market, they need to differentiate to develop. Fixed implant restorations like the NobelProcera Hybrid make it possible to do just that, offering great results for the patient. The Hybrid brings together excellent acrylic support with the time-efficient workflow of a fixed implant bar at a price that is attractive. It offers the best of both worlds and, importantly, is manufactured to last.

As a relatively cost-effective option, the Hybrid offers an increased likelihood of patient acceptance. This means a greater flow of cases for the restoring dentist and the dental lab, helping both to build their businesses while dramatically improving the quality of life of the patient.

Patient acceptance also improves thanks to the Hybrid’s compatibility with the All-on-4® treatment concept. This clinically proven concept enables the restoration of a fully edentulous jaw on just four implants. It is therefore less invasive and more affordable, further increasing the rate of patient acceptance.

Precision and design in perfect harmony

The old saying “time is money” is as relevant for dental laboratories as it is in any other business environment. The Hybrid allows dental labs to process more fixed implant restorations, more efficiently.

The time it takes to design the Hybrid is kept to a minimum thanks to the NobelProcera System’s highly efficient CAD workflow.

Fingers in the anterior and retention elements in the posterior are designed to enhance the longevity of the restoration. The Hybrid gives the dental technician the tools needed to give the acrylic and denture teeth the best support possible.

The added strength can save the restorative dentist time by reducing the need for repairs.

A win-win for professionals and patients

Theoretically, every removable denture represents an opportunity to improve someone’s quality of life with the Hybrid. It’s a product that perfectly embodies Nobel Biocare’s goal of helping its customers “treat more patients better.

It increases patient flow while offering patients a better standard of care. That’s surely the objective of every dental professional. And it’s why dental labs should add the NobelProcera Hybrid to their offering today.


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