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From every corner of the earth

by: Frederic Love

World-class discourse and hands-on training made the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium a New York hit.

From Every Corner of the Earth

They came to the Waldorf Astoria from as far away as Asia, Africa and Australia—not to mention Europe and the Americas. During four halcyon days of summer, some of the brightest minds in implant dentistry gathered in New York City to teach and to learn.

The theme of the sold-out event, which attracted more than 2,000 participants, was “Designing for Life: Today and in the Future.”

In virtually every aspect of the program, clinicians and academics presented implementable strategies designed to treat more patients with better results.

An innovative program

Richard Laube, CEO of Nobel Biocare, explained the theme of the proceedings the very first day. Lectures and hands-on sessions came alive as the audience followed each patient journey from initial planning and treatment, via potential complications (and how to avoid them), to follow-up and maintenance. “Many patients being treated today will have their implants not just for years,” he pointed out, “but for decades to come.” The point was well taken and reiterated repeatedly over the next four days by more than 100 internationally acclaimed speakers.

Organized like no other major symposium before it, the first two days covered four complete patient journeys: the loss of anterior and posterior single teeth; missing multiple anterior teeth; missing multiple posterior teeth; and how one best manages the transition to edentulism.

Minimally invasive treatment, graftless solutions, immediate re¬placement and function, and soft tissue health and esthetics all had given places in this innovative program. High-tech throughout, 3D presentations were featured, the symposium had its very own mobile app, and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter were alive with messaging between attendees and lecturers from the very first day.

The opportunity to network

For many of the attendees, some of the most memorable exchanges of knowledge and experience took place between educational sessions. Dr. Carlos Moglianesi of New Providence, New Jersey, USA, made this point quite tellingly. “In many ways,” he said, “dentistry is a solitary enterprise, but at this meeting, each of us has had the opportunity to network with leading authorities in our field.”

In an impromptu conversation with Professor George Zarb, who chaired the event, Moglianesi said that he was reminded how important well-conceived and well-executed teamwork is for successful outcomes.

“No one but Nobel Biocare does meetings like this!” he exclaimed. “Here you have access to great minds in a city where you can’t help but have a great time.”

A dental technician day and a post-symposium day were also part of the meetings—as was a party, held at Pier 60, overlooking the Hudson River.

Nobel Biocare announcements

Nobel Biocare made two major announcements during the meetings. The first of these was the launch of the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR), an independent, global body that unites professionals from various disciplines in order to improve oral health care and support humanitarian leadership. The second was the introduction of a new, fully integrated digital workflow.

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