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“He impressed me over and over again.”

by: Hans Geiselhöringer

Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark was one of those rare individuals gifted with both impressive personality and strong charisma. A very persuasive speaker, writer and osseointegration advocate, he also had the stamina to convince the world of the merits of his arguments and the benefits of his principles.

P-I advanced a scientific observation into one of the most significant innovations in dentistry of the past century – yet he did so much more. He was a true philanthropist with a strong focus on developing countries such as Brazil, China and Africa. Most importantly, he also served as a beacon, constantly reminding us in the profession of our utmost responsibility to help improve the daily lives of our patients. He continues to be the shining personification of the ethical and moral grounds upon which our daily work must be based.

It’s needless to say that the rigorous standards he established in the field of osseointegration were not only important for the original “journey of osseointegration”. It is our responsibility to maintain these standards now and in the future. Throughout his entire career, he emphasized the importance of personal contact with the patient and developed a team approach that serve in tandem as the core pillars of our profession.

Having worked in the dental field for more than 25 years and having “grown up with implantology” it is a true delight to have had the chance to collaborate with P-I. His determined emphasis on the highest quality products and standards were the reason for me joining the industry and working for Nobel Biocare.

It has been my personal objective to secure the scientific procedures and standards promoted by P-I and ensure that Nobel Biocare innovates with a focus on patient relevance while using a fact-based approach. The renewed expert network of the most experienced leading clinicians and researchers globally and our new internal team gives me strong confidence that we can continue P-I’s journey – all for the benefit of the patient!

P-I will remain in my memory as an individual who impressed me over and over again. Even the most recent personal discussions and meetings we had with him underlined his continued engagement and conviction to, above all, “listen and observe Mother Nature and the biologic processes making it all happen.”

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