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Innovation on a firm foundation

by: Frederic Love

Suitable for both experienced restorative clinicians and surgical implant users, NobelReplace has evolved into two new versions, both of which retain the key innovations of NobelReplace Tapered.

These features include the tapered implant design, of course, which facilitates high initial stability. They also include the standardized step-by-step drilling protocol, with its straightforward surgical kit, and the color-coded surgical and prosthetic components, all of which help to reduce placement time by enabling the rapid and safe identification of all components.

Conical Connection or Platform Shift

NobelReplace Conical Connection (CC) has been designed to increase soft tissue volume, which leads to healthier soft tissue. This new iteration adds an advanced third generation internal conical connection and built-in platform shifting to the well-proven tapered NobelReplace implant body.

NobelReplace Platform Shift (PS), on the other hand, retains the internal tri-channel connection to which experienced NobelReplace Tapered users are accustomed, while adding the platform-shifting feature now available in NobelReplace CC. Platform shifting promotes expanded tissue volume at the soft tissue interface, thereby creating more naturallooking esthetics, while the proven tri-channel connection of the NobelReplace PS design provides familiar tactile feedback. With NobelReplace PS, prosthetic components literally drop into place.

High initial stability

Like all other NobelReplace tapered implants, the new versions mimic the shape of a natural tooth root. Designed for high initial stability, they can be placed at good advantage in both extraction sockets and healed sites.

With the latest innovations inherent in the platform shift and conical connection, Nobel Biocare’s versatile implant portfolio has been further expanded to accommodate the personal preferences and treatment needs of every dental professional. The complete assortment includes bone and tissue-level implants for all indications, bone types and surgical protocols.

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