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Less bone resorption

by: Jim Mack

NobelActive implants with a conical connection and built-in platform shifting continue to provide superior marginal bone level results in a three-year follow up. (Pozzi et al. Eur J Oral Implantol. 2014.)

A randomized controlled split-mouth trial reconfirms that the NobelActive implant system with back-tapered collar, internal conical connection and built-in platform shifting design, leads to significantly improved treatment outcomes compared to external hex connection and matched abutment diameter design.

Specifically, the NobelActive implants were associated with significantly smaller mean vertical and horizontal bone resorption after implant placement at abutment connection, prosthetic delivery and at every follow-up.

Both implant systems evaluated showed a 100% cumulative survival rate. The authors argue that conical connection implants with platform shifting may help preserve peri-implant bone and retain the interproximal bone peak better than external hexagon implants, and thus lead to better support of the soft tissues.

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