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Membrane of choice

by: Michael Stuart

When it comes to guided bone regeneration, Professor Christer Dahlin of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden is not just an expert, he is one of the pioneers credited with the development of the concept.

Even before the official product launch this year, Professor Christer Dahlin started working with creos xenoprotect and subsequently committed his clinic to exclusively using this new product to gain clinical experience.

He has a long history of working with Nobel Biocare, and he was pleased when he first heard that the company was entering the regenerative materials market. According to Dahlin, it was a sensible step. “Since guided bone regeneration is estimated to be performed in approximately 40 percent of all implant cases,” he says, “I think this is what you would expect from a company that asserts ownership of the front line.”

When given the opportunity to test the new product, Dahlin was curious from a scientific point of view, and he feels that the time is right for a new membrane to be introduced. “The field of degradable membranes has been pretty static over the last decade,” he says. “There is a need for a new player in the field.”

However, it certainly wasn’t just the Nobel Biocare name and the novelty of a new product that persuaded him to make the big decision to convert his clinic to creos xenoprotect—it was the interesting properties of the membrane, particularly when it comes to handling.

“When you place it in conjunction with the tissue, it doesn’t lose all of its shape immediately,” he explains. “It gives you the options to reposition or actually remove the membrane and do some trimming. That is not the case with many other membranes.

“This is also of importance when you want to pack bone substitute material against the membrane, for example palatally when you are widening the crest. After a minute or so, when it is soaked, it attaches very nicely to the bone surface, and no fixation is necessary.”

With over 20 years experience in implant treatment and related research, Dahlin has worked with resorbable membranes on innumerable occasions. To find out what creos xenoprotect can do for you and your patients, see “More to explore!” below.

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