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“My instrument is my voice!”

by: Barbara Neuhold

Teeth are important in so many different ways...

“My instrument is my voice!”

I work full-time as a tax consultant. I have two teenage sons, who are terrific, and often spend my spare time in the recording studio doing narrations and other voice recordings. My hobby is acting.

I have been interested in speech and acting for many years, and the most important tool for speaking is, of course, the mouth. 

Ever since I was a little girl, one particular tooth had always given me problems. I frequently had toothaches and received my first filling at an early age. Ultimately, the tooth had to be removed—and I was really unhappy about that. It was just a single tooth, but its loss affected me profoundly.

I loved to laugh but was hesitant to do so. I couldn’t eat properly either. The gums in the gap between my remaining teeth would go sore every time I bit into something hard. 

As time went by, the bone that had once supported my missing tooth atrophied. I realized that something had to be done but was terrified of dentists, which is why ittook me so long to decide to do something about it in the first place. Then I met Professor Werner Zechner, who understood the different issues I was facing, suggested implant treatment and offered friendly support. 

Although the treatment in my case included bone grafting, which I might have avoided if I had met Professor Zechner earlier, I decided on the implant-based solution to my problem because I did not want to damage my healthy, adjacent teeth. In addition to eating better and laughing openheartedly again, I now feel much more sure of myself at the microphone. I have a new tooth today, indistinguishable from the others.

I am very, very happy.

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