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NobelProcera Abutments now available for 3Shape® users

by: Michael Stuart

Open access to high quality products from Nobel Biocare

NobelProcera® Abutments Now Available for 3Shape® Users

Open access to high-quality NobelProcera® Abutments is now available for 3Shape® users.

Nobel Biocare was the first to produce industrially-milled CAD/CAM abutments and to this day, NobelProcera leads the field in highquality, ready-to-use restorations. In a new partnership, this leading production expertise is now also accessible for users of the 3Shape Dental System.™

Through this open access arrangement, 3Shape® users can easily integrate their systems with the NobelProcera production network. They thereby gain access to top quality NobelProcera Abutments in zirconia and titanium—for both Nobel Biocare and other major implant systems— at no additional cost.

Once integrated with NobelProcera, 3Shape® users simply maintain their current workflow of scanning and designing in their dental laboratory using the 3Shape Dental System™. 

Users of 3Shape® now have the option, however, to produce industry-leading NobelProcera Abutments via the global network of NobelProcera production facilities. 

In doing so, 3Shape® users tap into more than 30 years of CAD/CAM experience, which has seen the production of over 11 million units. This heritage and know-how make NobelProcera a clear leader in the precision-engineering and manufacturing of medical device restorations.

All NobelProcera Abutments are meticulously developed, verified and validated to ensure they meet the patient’s needs. The result is an exceptionally high-quality product with a predictable fit, and, what’s more, one that is designed to last a lifetime. 

Designing for Life

The design process in the 3Shape® software is integrated with the NobelProcera production approach in order to assure design-constraint adherence for each and every NobelProcera Abutment. This in turn ensures that the patient receives a product which meets Nobel Biocare’s strict quality standards.

Each abutment is created using a specialized milling strategy and tooling that deliver ready-to-use abutments with outstanding surface quality.

The test of time

Over the years, scientific evaluation has consistently demonstrated the excellent multi-criteria reproducibility of NobelProcera Abutments, with recent tests also establishing that the first-rate reproduction characteristics also apply to NobelProcera Abutments on non-Nobel Biocare implants, providing excellent abutment seating.

Moreover, fast and reliable delivery means that the clinician receives the solution the patient needs on time. The latest additions to the assortment of  third-party NobelProcera Abutments provide affordable and high-quality options that pair patient needs with individual products.

In addition to the existing selection, which includes Straumann® and Astra Tech®, a whole new range of implant-based restorative options, including Biomet 3i®, Camlog® and Zimmer®, are also available. NobelProcera offers unrivaled third-party CAD/CAM abutments with an individual finish line (margin) and emergence profile for unparalleled tissue support and esthetics.

Extensive testing and imaging has proven that the precise fit of the NobelProcera Abutment over the critical interface area of the implant is comparable, or in some cases even better, than that of the prefabricated product from the original manufacturer. The NobelProcera Abutment interface is designed  for both a precise fit and to create a barrier to prevent the penetration of bacteria. 

No compromise on quality

NobelProcera and 3Shape® users alike can be sure that Nobel Biocare complies with all relevant quality and safety standards for consistent precision of it, every time. Rotational play for the NobelProcera Abutment is minimized through industrial quality-controlled production processes. All Nobel Biocare abutments and clinical screws are fatigue tested according to ISO standards, and every NobelProcera Abutment is CE-marked and FDA cleared.

The production processes are quality-assured under ISO 13485 and are monitored on a 24-hour basis. For further peace of mind, authenticity labels are delivered with each restoration, providing product traceability and documentation specific to the individual case.

In addition, an extensive warranty covers both the restoration and the implants—even including cases in which the implants are not Nobel Biocare products. With direct local product support providing training for both dental laboratories and their restorative dentist customers, Nobel Biocare can facilitate stronger relationships between professionals, helping them to grow their businesses by providing more patients with better treatment.

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