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When only the best is good enough

by: Atsushi Sogo

Reporting from Japan, one of the country’s leading dental technicians writes about why he prefers to provide NobelProcera Implant Bridges for the treatment of discerning patients.

Given the increase in implant treatment in recent years, it is not surprising that a greater number of problems have also been reported.

Besides a greater absolute number of implant failures due to improper treatment, patients complain in increasing numbers about the design and shape of the final restoration. In my experience, failing to meet patient expectations is most likely due to a lack of communication.

Discerning patients have high expectations for their implant treatment. They anticipate a high level of surgical and prosthetic performance and may not be willing to accept a compromised superstructure even if the doctor had no choice due to the status of the patient’s oral cavity. The doctor must always understand the patient’s expectations and provide an adequate explanation of the treatment.

One way for the doctor and the patient to come to agreement amicably is for them to come to terms during the consultation phase on what should be expected of the final implant-based restoration.

The ideal restoration can be characterized by good functionality, fit, strength, ease of cleaning, biocompatibility and esthetics. A good balance between these factors is important and no one factor should be significantly compromised for any other. This is the kind of fundamental information that must be discussed openly.

Nobel Biocare at the forefront

Current state-of-the-art diagnostic and implant treatment tools include not only 2D radiographic examination but also 3D simulation software, i.e. NobelClinician, through which the patient’s CT data can be used for computer-based implant treatment planning.

NobelClinician provides a solution to support implant treatment with a surgical template that makes guided surgery possible. It is also useful as a communication tool between the doctor and the dental technician in prosthetic-driven implant treatment, and furthermore as a patient consultation tool.

Laboratory work must keep up with the rapid progress of implant treatment, of course. Particularly in edentulous cases where large-scale restorations are under consideration, we dental technicians constantly have concerns over the fit and strength of the framework.

In the production of large restorations for edentulous cases in the past, we often felt the limitations of analog/manual techniques, which were the conventional methods, at that time.

NobelProcera dental CAD/CAM was a savior. It resolved our concerns, and it is no exaggeration to say that this system made for a paradigm shift in dental technology for implant treatment.

In the production of NobelProcera Implant Bridges, NobelProcera technology continues to be an excellent choice as it ensures: 1) consistent quality, based on computerized management; 2) precision fit, backed by CAD/CAM technology; 3) high strength, due to one-piece structure; and 4) superior biocompatibility, based on erudite material science. Without question, Nobel- Procera Implant Bridges represent a great leap forward from the framework produced by conventional analog/ manual methods.

Early adopters

We quickly adopted this system when it was first released and have since used it in our dental laboratory. As long as proper procedures are followed, we have not encountered any problems with fit or strength, and work-time management has become much easier than ever before.

As Nobel Biocare is a well-established global manufacturer of implants—and an experienced provider of CAD/CAM-based prosthetic systems—the company routinely meets the quality and safety expectations of users. Thus, the company has become our preferred partner. Needless to say, we will continue to use the NobelProcera system.

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