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How to stay at the forefront of implant dentistry

by: Michael Stuart

Dr. Sanda Moldovan describes three ways clinicians placing dental implants can lead the profession.

Dr. Sanda Moldovan

Dr. Moldovan’s reputation as a leader in her profession precedes her. Based in Beverly Hills, the leading periodontist is known not just for her presentations at scientific congresses around the world, but also for her appearances on the US television show, The Doctors. 

Such recognition only comes from a dedication to achieving excellent results, and Dr. Moldovan’s growing practice is testament to that. The success of her holistic approach to implant dentistry has recently seen her team move to modern new premises to accommodate demand. 

Here, Dr. Moldovan identifies three key pillars of success for clinicians looking to stay at the forefront of the profession. 

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Training and education

1.   Actively seek knowledge and inspiration

“My practice has grown and continues to grow every year, but one of the main challenges that we face is finding the time to constantly learn and implement new services in our office while also keeping a peaceful, happy and healing environment for our patients and our staff.

“To be at the forefront of dentistry, we have to stay coachable and open minded to new treatment options.  Medicine and dentistry are constantly changing and intertwining, it is important to keep learning to better serve our patients. 

“My advice is to also look beyond dentistry for inspiration – it’s time to reestablish the mouth’s importance as a gateway to one’s overall health.  This inspires me to work more with medical doctors, nutritionists and other health professionals to treat the body as a whole. I would like to help bridge the gap between medicine and dentistry by bringing awareness to the health care community.  

“To further broaden my knowledge, I plan to attend conferences on nutritional research, such as those held by the American College of Nutrition which presents information without bias, and the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine. The latter also provides an update on breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, which can be very helpful information for those of us working with in periodontal and bone regeneration.” 

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Patient care

2.   Address patient concerns with graftless protocols

“Our patients want faster time to teeth. When I put myself in their shoes, I see Immediate Function and esthetics as a necessity for our patients, not a luxury.” 

“Two of the main concerns that our patients have are time and money. With a graftless approach we can address both.

In terms of time, a graftless approach requires fewer appointments and it takes less time to provide fixed teeth than with grafted solutions. With a graftless protocol a full-arch or full-mouth can be transformed in a day.1

Graftless solutions are also more cost effective than bone grafting solutions, typically costing more than 30% less.  

“It is for these reasons that I started with the All-on-4® treatment concept seven years ago. I could finally offer patients a beautiful and predictable smile on the day of surgery. Most of my patients are women of an average age of 50-55 who wouldn’t go a day without teeth. The All-on-4® treatment concept makes it possible for them to wake up after treatment with a total makeover of their smile. 

“Patients are actually now walking into our office asking for the All-on-4® treatment concept because they have learned how predictable and life changing it is.” 

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NobelClinician software

3.   Embrace the latest technology

“The digital technology we have today makes it easier to do treatment planning between different doctors.  Software like NobelClinician also allows the clinician to perform virtual surgery prior to the actual procedure.

“One technology I cannot do without is a CT scan. It helps me diagnose properly and see things I previously couldn't with a regular X-ray. 

“In 2017 I hope to learn digital impression techniques as well as to perfect the laser peri-implant repair protocol, to better regenerate bone around dental implants. 

I believe it is an exciting time to be in dentistry. Through advancements in technology and science, we can impact someone’s life in so many ways: enhancing confidence and self-esteem by creating beautiful smiles without dentures.”

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1 Provided the patient meets certain criteria and adequate primary stability of the implants is achieved.