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Looking at the year ahead in implant dentistry

by: Michael Stuart

What are the emerging trends and solutions in implant dentistry? Six clinicians from around the world share their views, as well as some of their own plans for the months ahead.

Dr. Nicole Winitsky

Dr. Nicole Winitsky

Prosthodontist, Stockholm, Sweden

Preferred treatment solutions: NobelProcera Implant Bridge and NobelProcera Implant Crown in full-contour zirconia, ASC (angulated screw channel) option.

“In the year ahead I think and hope that the trend to choose screw-retained restorations – where the optimal position of the crown determines where to place the implants – will continue. By focusing on better planning and more accurate implant placement we can work in a more predictable way, both regarding the esthetic result and the long-term prognosis. Digital planning is an important part of this communication and treatment planning.

In 2017 I will focus a lot on my research regarding long-term follow up of single implants in the esthetic zone in young adults. I’m really excited to analyze my results and see how this information can benefit dental practices. Clinically I would like to implement digital planning and also intraoral scanning more into my daily practice. I will also continue with a new project –  running a Swedish odontological podcast.

Away from dentistry, my oldest son will graduate from high school this year and that feels like a milestone. It will be really exciting to see where his life will head from now on."

Dr. Kyle Stanley

Dr. Kyle Stanley

Total solutions provider, Beverly Hills, California, USA

Implants placed to date: 500–1000
Preferred Nobel Biocare implant systems: NobelActive, NobelParallel Conical Connection
Preferred treatment concepts: On1 concept

“In 2017 I look forward to treating cases with the On1 concept as I think this is a game changer in both surgical and restorative dentistry. With NobelClinician I have been able to place implants in the planned position using guided surgery, but in some cases biological tissue stability was still a challenge. I think the On1 restorative concept will keep my papillae and gingival margins in the proper position and preserves the soft tissue attachment around my implants, with restorative flexibility for years to come. 

During the coming year I hope to attend some courses from to improve my soft tissue grafting around implants.

2017 will be an exciting year for me and my family with the arrival of a baby boy! We have big plans to travel with our son while I lecture and try to show him life outside of Los Angeles. I also look forward to spending some time relaxing with my hobbies, including surfing. Living in Los Angeles means great weather all year round, so I intend to utilize the beautiful Pacific Ocean more.”

Dr. Sebastian Horvath

Dr. Sebastian Horvath

Dentist, specialist in prosthodontics, Jestetten, Germany

Implants placed to date: 500 – 1000
Preferred Nobel Biocare implant systems: NobelActive
Preferred treatment concepts: NobelGuide guided surgery, Immediate Function

"I foresee that the trend for monolithic restorations will continue. As they are completely comprised of a single material and fabricated in a single step, the possibility of manufacturing errors is reduced. Furthermore, the quality of the material is usually better. These advantages will benefit the dentist and the patient with faster manufacturing processes and the potential for longer-lasting, cost efficient restorations.

We have been successfully using CAD/CAM-restorations in our office for posterior teeth for a while now, but his year we want to move to anterior teeth and esthetic restorations. Together with a few friends I will attend a course on this. 

Outside the practice I plan to do more sailing. A few years back I got all the necessary licenses. Now we want to buy our first boat and have a great time with family and friends on it."

Dr. Nurhan Guler

Prof. Nurhan Güler

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Istanbul, Turkey

Implants placed to date: Over 5000
Preferred Nobel Biocare implant systems: NobelActive, NobelParallel Conical Connection, NobelZygoma
Preferred treatment concepts: The All-on 4® treatment concept, Immediate Function

"I think the year’s biggest trend in implant dentistry will be Immediate Function and graftless treatment solutions, which will satisfy patient expectations for esthetics and function. In 2017 I am looking forward to treating more cases with new NobelZygoma.

For the year ahead I have already planned to be involved as a speaker and surgeon in cadaver and live surgery courses on zygomatic implants in Turkey. Moreover, I intend to attend courses around the world to learn about new concepts.

I am also pleased and excited for a visit to Parma University, which will focus on oral and perioral esthetic Medicine. 

I will also travel by rail through Africa – my first trip in this continent. I am really looking forward to a blend of African safari and a memorable time spent on the Pride of Africa train. I will also spend my time playing the Turkish instrument “Kanun”. And yoga will always play a part in my life."

Dr. Dilip Deshpande

Dr. Dilip Deshpande

Maxillofacial prosthodontist, Mumbai, India

Implants placed to date: Over 10,000
Preferred Nobel Biocare implant systems: NobelActive, Brånemark System
Preferred treatment concepts: Immediate Function

 “I believe that regeneratives should be a major focus in the coming year to drive the implant-based market. I focus on maxillofacial reconstruction, so for my practice this product line plays a key role. The creos xenoprotect membrane is very promising and I am looking forward to trying Nobel Biocare’s latest range of xenogenic bone substitutes to supplement it.

I am also conducting research on the clinical applications of stem cells for bone growth. I find the osteoid matrix to be more compatible and stronger when stem cells are used for deficient bone-based cases, and I am hoping this modality will become further refined and popular for clinical applications.

I am always curious to go beyond routine practices and explore new avenues. This year I intend to explore graftless solutions such as the All-on-4® treatment concept as well as zygomatic treatment options. I attended Professor Paulo Malo’s workshop last year in Mumbai which definitely motivated me and my team.

I am a travel buff and also an avid history enthusiast, so I’m always looking at combining these two whenever I travel! This year I plan to tick Alaska off my bucket list.”

Dr. Tom Owen

Dr. Tom Owen

Dentist and practice owner, Poynton, England

Implants placed to date: Up to 100
Preferred Nobel Biocare implant systems: NobelParallel Conical Connection
Preferred treatment concepts: On1 concept

“In 2017 I can imagine more and more dentists will have intra-oral scanners and work closely with labs with 3D printers. Some scanners can even assess for shade and occlusion now. I think digital smile design will get even quicker and more augmented in real time. 

This year I am sending my assistants on the Nobel Biocare course for dental assistants in Newcastle. I also plan to start more immediate loading cases when suitable – with Nobel Biocare I have the correct system to do so. 

I will also continue to build my new business, Wish Dental, which has become more than I ever dreamed of. When I’m not working I’ll be spending time with my wife, five-month-old twin boys and 18-month-old son. We also have two dogs so I am head of a big fun family.  We plan to have some nice holidays with the family and I hope to try the new surf center in North Wales as we have a caravan nearby.” 

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