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Nobel Biocare adheres to the highest standards

by: Richard Laube

“Gift or bribe?” That was the cover story of a recent leading dental publication in Germany, BDIZ EDI konkret, in response to the new and stricter German guidelines for healthcare professionals.

Germany is not alone. We are observing a worldwide trend towards regulating the relationship between medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers. We have seen an increased frequency of audits by regulators on both our behavior and our customers’. For anyone who has experience with the prescription pharmaceutical industry, this is not new.

Dentistry is also moving toward this “code of conduct”—and we support that. Nobel Biocare has been moving rapidly in the last few years to ensure the highest standard of conduct and, more importantly, to ensure that our valued customers are on the right side of these regulations with us.

We are now signatories of both the AdvaMed and Eucomed codes of conduct. We have also revised our policies and are training our people to work with you in the right way.

I trust you already appreciate our high standards of conduct. While you may experience some modest adjustments, it is all for our mutual benefit and ultimately will enable both of us to serve and treat patients more effectively and efficiently.  

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