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Nobel Biocare innovations drive scientific research trends

The primary research focus in implant dentistry has shifted since Professor Brånemark’s early days. Now that the average implant survival rates have successfully exceeded 97%, research focuses on reducing treatment time, enhancing comfort and improving esthetics.

Hundreds of scientific articles are published every year on oral implantology and prosthodontics. A recent study1 analyzed how the thematic trends in implant science are evolving and showed that today the highest interest is in advancing current solutions for better patient satisfaction.

Realizing that patients expect not only a life-long solution, but also short treatment times, low discomfort and high esthetic outcomes, Nobel Biocare has pioneered treatment concepts such as immediate loading, which is today not only the most researched topic (14.3%), but has also shown the greatest increase in literature coverage in the past 15 years (+6.3%).

The figures speak for themselves. Nobel Biocare remains at the forefront of patient-focused, science-based innovation.

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