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NobelZygoma™ – Dramatically shortens time-to-teeth

by: Professor Paulo Malo

Prof. Paulo Malo successfully treated the first patient with the All-on-4® treatment concept decades ago. Here he comments on using the new NobelZygoma implant series.

NobelZygoma implants

NobelZygoma, the implant system of choice for immediate loading in cases of severe maxillary resorption. It also offers a broad choice of temporary prosthetic options, dramatically decreasing time-to-teeth.

Prof. Paulo Malo

The design features of the new NobelZygoma implant allow me to offer even better treatment solutions to my patients in a more effective way: The new apex shape gives me enhanced bicortical anchorage in zygomatic bone without spinning, and the non-threaded coronal part allows me to use the extra-maxilla technique, thus optimizing the prosthetic outcome.

We’ve been having nothing but great experiences with these new implants. The NobelZygoma implant basically has three major characteristics:

  1. The apex, which is tapered for high primary stability and very important for immediate load;
  2. The body of the implant, which is very kind to soft tissue; and
  3. The head of the implant, which now comes both in 45 degree and zero-degree versions—the latter of which makes it possible for us to place the implant deeper, and therefore reach a more buccal position.

This is a great improvement in terms of prosthetic flexibility and has completely changed the way we now do prostheses in the zygoma. 

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