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Excellent results with Replace Select Tapered implants

by: Nobel Biocare News

High survival rate and steady bone levels of Replace Select Tapered in everyday clinical practice. (Pettersson et al. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res. 2013. [Epub] )

Excellent results with Replace Select™ Tapered implants

Excellent CSR of 99.6% of Replace Select Tapered implants at 5-years follow-up is reported in this retrospective study aimed to investigate outcomes in routine clinical practice.

Eighty-eight consecutive patients received 271 implants for a variety of indications, in mostly healed sites, using a two-stage surgery with loading after 3 months in almost all cases. A paired analysis of radiographs available at baseline and 5-year follow-up (n=115) revealed minimal bone remodeling, mean of –0.07 (SD 2.41) mm from implant insertion.

Frequency distribution of crestal bone showed a gain around more than 30% of implants from baseline to 1 and 5 years. This study confirms that the high survival rate and steady crestal bone levels seen in clinical research with Replace Select Tapered dental implants are achievable in everyday practice.

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