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Minimized bone remodeling with immediately loaded NobelActive implants

Minimal bone remodeling and low surgery-related complications with immediately loaded NobelActive implants placed with NobelGuide.

NobelActive – an implant like no other

This prospective study1 included 50 patients rehabilitated with full-arch maxillary prostheses supported by 290 NobelActive implants placed using guided surgery (NobelGuide). Only a single surgery-related complication was observed involving minor bleeding.

Most patients had no postoperative swelling and reported low postoperative pain, likely related to the flapless procedure and extensive preoperative simulation.

After 1 year, implant CSR was 98.6%, and all failures occurred in smokers. Bone remodeling was very low (–0.32 ± 0.43 mm), which the authors attribute to the back-taper design of the NobelActive implant.

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1 Yamada et al., Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2015. 30(1):184–93.

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