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NobelActive – Designed for stability

Primary stability by design.


Implant primary stability is desired for shortening treatment time. The insertion torque (IT) and stability quotient (ISQ) of three bone-level implants—NobelActive (Nobel Biocare), Bone Level Tapered (Straumann) and OsseoSpeed EV (Dentsply)—were measured in vitro, for comparison of their stability.1

The extraction site was modeled using a multi-layer polyurethane foam, with layers of different densities mimicking soft and cortical bone, to simulate a worst-case condition.

Mean IT of NobelActive implants (n=10) was 36.52 Ncm, significantly higher than both Straumann (27.6 Ncm) and Dentsply (23.7 Ncm). Also, the ISQ of NobelActive was 53.9, significantly higher than Straumann (39.1), and higher than Dentsply (51.3), although the latter did not reach statistical significance.

The authors attributed the excellence of NobelActive to its design.

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