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NobelProcera – Superior micro-stability

NobelProcera shows a reduced implant-abutment micromotion.

NobelProcera – Superior micro-stability

Large micromotion at the abutment-implant interface increases the risk of screw loosening and joint instability, and can potentially alter the size of the microgap. This study1 showed significantly lower mean micromotion for NobelProcera CAD/CAM titanium implant abutment assembly prior to cyclic loading compared with all other tested products (p≤0.001) in-vitro.

Furthermore, mean micromotion for NobelProcera abutments was not significantly altered (p=0.463) by cyclic loading (100,000 cycles; 100 N) indicating a low settling effect. In this regard, NobelProcera performed better than Straumann CAD/CAM Zirconia and Dr. Ihde Dental implant-abutment assemblies, both of which had significantly reduced micromotion after cyclic loading (p<0.05).

The authors suggest high-quality abutments like NobelProcera remain close to their position at insertion and thus provide a higher stability and lower risk of screw loosening compared with the other products.

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1 Karl and Taylor, Int J Oral Maxillofac implants. 2016 Aug; doi: 10.11607/jomi.5116.

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