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FOR launches second ebook: The Temporomandibular Joint

FOR’s digital textbook provides in-depth knowledge of both temporomandibular joint anatomy and disorders.

Temporomandibular joint disorders are highly prevalent conditions in the modern world, their early diagnosis and treatment being key to the prevention of treatment complications and to patient satisfaction and quality of life.

Edited by Dr. Edwin L. Christiansen, a professor at Loma Linda University’s school of Dentistry—and under the oversight of FOR’s Educational Chair, Dr. Charles Goodacre—the highly didactic digital textbook provides the dental professional with:

  • A comprehensive, evidence-based review of the anatomy of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), including bones, articular disc, periarticular soft tissues and muscles associated with the joint
  • Comparison of normal and dysfunctional conditions present in the TMJ, supported by a richly illustrated chapter on diagnostic imaging
  • A review of the oral and extraoral characteristics exhibited by patients with temporomandibular disorders
  • World-class animations of the joint and muscles and an exceptional collection of images (cadaver specimens, histologic images, (CB)CT and MRI images)
  • Over 300 scientific and literature references, and
  • Self-assessment “Validate Your Learning” statements throughout the text and end-of-chapter self-assessment quizzes

Designed for both pre- and post-graduate students, and for the practicing dentist, this richly- illustrated ebook can be viewed online or downloaded to iOS or Android tablets, thereby providing anytime/anywhere access to both the text and richly displayed visual content with a simple click of a link.

“With an incredible collection of images that enhances understanding and explores the intricate anatomic characteristics of the TMJ, this ebook is an exceptional resource,” said Brian Volken, who served as FOR Center’s senior project manager on this ebook, as well as’s popular first digital release, Single Tooth Implants and Their Restoration. “Those who study and use this digital resource will come away with an expanded appreciation of the TMJ and an enhanced ability to visualize its intricacy in 3D.”

The digital textbook can be accessed under the “Learn” tab on the website.

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