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DDS Riad Almasri

Dr. Almasri received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree as a specialized Implant-Prosthodontic surgeon, and graduated with honors in 2003-ranking first in the oral surgery honors class. Dr. Almasri practiced general dentistry for several years prior to entering Nova SE University College of Dental Medicine, Ft Lauderdale, FL where he received his specialty certificate in Prosthodontics. He served as a Chief Resident and taught other residents dental implant surgery. Prior to his entering the Prosthodontic program at Nova SE University, Dr. Almasri worked as a dental technician. With a strong passion for education and his technical laboratory expertise, Dr. Almasri went on to serve as the Clinical Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, TX. Dr. Almasri is on the board of review for research papers with The Journal of Prosthodontics, and he has also established the Fast New Smile® as his brand name for the one-day dental implant procedure. Dr. Almasri’s passion led him to the Medical College of Georgia where he further expanded his Anesthesia training so he can offer IV sedation to his patients.Vedi tutti i corsi