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Paese: Canada

Dr Reena Talwar

Dr. Talwar is an Associate Professor in the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of Toronto and her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She then completed a research fellowship at UT Southwestern Medical Center and received her training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in a combined OMS/PhD training program at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas.   Her primary clinical interests include dentoalveolar surgery, implantology, skeletal and facial deformities and trauma. Her PhD was focused on hormonal influences at the cellular and molecular level in chondrocytes from the temporomandibular and femoral condyle. She is currently developing a research project at the University of Alberta aimed at identifying specific cellular events in the oral cavity, in patients with Crohn’s disease.Vedi tutti i corsi